Fly Cycling Team

Fly Cycling Team

Fly Cycling Team,  is a team cycling who competes in category "Elite and Under 23" of Verano Brianza, in the front row to prove that you can compete against diabetes and accomplish their dreams, through a message of hope for all those who are suffering from this pathology.

FLY, here the Italian translation is VOLARE (in sports as in life), is a project born in 2013 from the idea of Marco Lucini and Luca Maria Lucini.

The team roster in this season is of sixs athletes participates in the most important races of the national and international calendar.

With the help of all our sponsors, and Ns pages Social: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, we were able to spread our message; all day, with a lot of dificult, race by race, you can compete at the highest levels and lead a "normal life" although suffering from diabetes.

All this is the Fly Cycling Team, a big family! who still believes in the integrity and etic sport!

To be updated on the activities of the Team visit the web-site: