Sighignola / Balcone d'Italia - Tour: 4 h


Sighignola is a mountain lying in the foothills of the Luganese Alps, 1,302 m. high. It is situated exactly on the Italian and Swiss border, among the Italian Municipality of Lanzo Intelvi (where the summit stands) and the Swiss ones of Arogno and Lugano.

The summit is also the culminating point of Valle d’Intelvi and can be reached from Lanzo, through a rather winding road. On the peak there is a panoramic terrace, right on the Swiss border but still in Italian territory, where we can enjoy a spectacular view, especially in the west direction. There, the sight sweeps from the near Lake Lugano as far as the Alps. The highest mountain visible to the naked eye is Mount Rosa (4.634 m) but you can also catch a glimpse of Mount Cervino (4,468 m) with its pyramidal-like rocky peak. For this reason, the locality is called “the Balcony of Italy”.

The route leading to the top is beautiful, totally surrounded by woods while the car traffic is very low. At a short distance from the summit there is also a take-off field for free flying and many paths for trekking.
The climb to Sighignola-Balcony of Italy, includes a previous climb with starting point in Argegno, a small village along the lake, and arrival at San Fedele (average slope of 6,5%). During these 8,1 km, we will cycle on a wide road that climbs up between the scenographic mountains of Valle d’Intelvi. Gone past a long, apparently flat ground, located between the two climbs, we will have to start the second part of the route that will allow you to enjoy one of the most spectacular panoramas in Italy.

In Lanzo we will start climbing again for 5,1 km, as far as to reach the height of 1,302 m, after having covered an extra difference in level of 393m. The average slope is around 7,7%. Generally it takes no more than 45 minutes to cover the entire route while the gears to be used are the classic 39x25.
Starting from the banks of Lake Como we will have covered about 25 km, pedaling through one of the nicest and fascinating valleys in Lombardy and, once at the summit, we can enjoy a really breathtaking view.