Nesso / Muro di Sormano - Tour: 4 h

Nesso / Muro di Sormano

One of the most charming climbs starting from the magnificent scenery of Lake Como, is the one starting from the village of Nesso and ending on the top of Pian del Tivano, where the astronomic observatory is situated and where the famous “Muro di Sormano” has its arrival.
A deadly climbing, that of Muro di Sormano: in a bit more than 1,7 km there is a difference in level of 266 metres with an average slope of 15%: that is a climb for real though people!

But for those who feel up to, after having already reached Pian del Tivano, the Muro di Sormano represents a great challenge with oneself and it is surely a source of incredible, personal satisfaction to get to the place where the Observatory is situated!!!

Here are the technical characteristics of the climb from Nesso: the total difference in level to reach the height of 1,116 m. above sea level, where the Colma of Sormano is located, is 866 m. The medium slope during the 13 km of distance covered is 7%.

At first, this climb offers gorgeous glimpses of the lake, between a hairpin bend and the other then, as the road climbs up, you can enjoy wonderful mountain views silhouetted against the sky. The vegetation always changes while the road constantly goes up under your wheels as far as you get to a flat area: this indicates that you have reached the first, intermediate winning post: Pian del Tivano.

Going on cycling, we have to face up to a couple of kilometers where the road suddenly goes up again in the shadows of pines:the hard effort is quite endurable also because we can look forward the arrival to the summit where, during clear days, the view stretches practically on the entire Lombardy.