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Chi siamo

Fly on the Lake was born from an idea of Luca Maria Lucini and Amedeo Tabini, both athletes of the Fly Cycling Team, supported and sponsored by the pharmaceutical company Sanofi. Diabetic athletes are present in the Team to demonstrate that every person affected by diabetes can live (lead) a normal life with regular checks and a correct diet and, as concerning the sports sphere, can take part to competitions with excellent performances.

Relying on their long sports experience, due to their 15-year cycling career, the two athletes offer “travel packages by bike” along the fantastic routes on the banks of Como Lake, considered “the most beautiful lake in the world” for its microclimate, its artistic treasures and its landscapes dotted with small villages and enchanting villas. (2014 - The Huffington Post – online daily newspaper).

Lake Como is training ground for Luca and Amedeo who really know every aspect of its territory and its different routes so they are enthusiastic and proud to share this unforgettable experience on the two-wheels with you all.