Como / Lecco - Tour: 2 h

Como / Lecco

Como and Lecco are among the most important cities on both Como Lake banksides, so a bike ride between them is unavoidable: these two cities are famous as tourist destination from all over the world.

During the ride between Como and Lecco there are a few rise and fall (with a 4/6% slope) throughout some beautiful boroughs with the Como Lake always on the left. Some of the most interesting places that will be visited during the bike ride are: Torno, a beautiful little village with its famous erratic glacial boulders and its beautiful view on Como;

Nesso, with its famous "Orrido", a cleft made from the union of two rivers; Bellagio, with its incredible landscape and the "Villa Melzi D'Eril" gardens and "Villa Serbelloni".
From Bellagio, which is the Northest city of the bike ride, there's a beautiful and heartbreaking view on both the two sides of Como Lake.

After Bellagio there is Limonta, with its famous "Villa Panorama", and Malgrate, best known as the "Venice of the Lario", which is famous for its artistic buildings and its two valley: Valmadrera and Valbrona.
This stage is 51,3 kilometres long and it's practicable in almost two hours.
There are not height difficulties and the whole ride is possible with the classical 53/39 x 12/23 gears.
Once Lecco is reached by the tourist there are many typical restaurants: some of them have an agreement with Fly Cycling Holidays