Bisbino - Tour: 3 h


Mount Bisbino is a 1,325 high mountain that belongs to the Luganese Alps and to the sub-section of Como Alps. It is located on the border between the Province of Como and Canton Ticino, among the Italian Municipalities of Cernobbio, Maslianico, Moltrasio and the Swiss ones of Chiasso, Breggia and Vacallo.

The summit is reached by a road starting from Cernobbio, on the lakeside. It passes through the hamlets of Rovenna and Madrona and climbs up for 17 km as far as the top of the mountain at 1,325m. The stretch of the road between the Cemetery of Rovenna and the top was built during the First World War, in the work of construction of the Northern Frontier, the defense system popularly known as “Linea Cadorna”. Even today you can see the stone that marks the beginning of that road, near the Cemetery of Rovenna and, just beyond, the old chain that prevented the access to the military zone.

The climb is characterized by a narrow, winding road and yet by wonderful panoramic viewpoints over the lake and the surrounding mountains. During the first kilometers the climb proceeds in a series of hairpin curves then the road climbs up through the vegetation offering marvelous views of the lake as well as of the Swiss mountains.
Technically the climb is characterized by a very regular slope, around 7% while the most suitable gears to face it are 39x 25 and 29x 207. This climb is a great challenge to overcome: it also represents the perfect link between the splendor of the sparkling waters of Lake Como and the magnificent, snow-capped peaks of the Lombard-Swiss Alps.

On the top there are a restaurant, a weather station and a Sanctuary devoted to the Blessed Virgin of Bisbino, documented since the 14° century and indicated on the Theresian map of Rovenna. The small church is still a reference point for the Community of the Blessed Virgin of Bisbino. Inside the Sanctuary we have a beautiful Madonna in white marble by unknown author but attributed to the school of Leonardo da Vinci. There are also many ex-votos given to Our Lady by soldiers who had escaped death in the 2° World War.